The bright colors and interesting behavior of ornamental shrimp are attracting hobbyists. As a hot trend in aquatics, keeping freshwater shrimp has spawned new products designed for these oddly shaped invertebrates and offers an opportunity for independent and pet specialty retailers to expand aquatic sales.

Selling freshwater shrimp takes an in-store tank system with a grab-and-go system and a display unit for:
• Tanks
• Food
• Aqua-scaping
• Other accessories

Then it takes knowledge about the environmental sensitivities of these bottom dwellers. Consider that freshwater shrimp are highly sensitive to harmful substances, such as copper, pesticides and concentrations of some fertilizers, in nano aquaria.

Shrimp keeping tips:
• Avoid sudden or severe changes to water conditions.
• Avoid harsh chemicals typically used in water treatment products.
• Tap water should be checked for copper, especially hot water.
• Do no use copper-containing preparations (algicides, fish medications).
• Do not use insect sprays or solvent-based products (such as paints) in rooms containing aquaria.
• Avoid too much cigarette smoke in the room.

Freshwater shrimp breed quickly and are a little finicky, but their growing popularity, interesting colors and fascinating activity make them fun and engaging for your new or repeat aquatics customers.

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